Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grandma’s Company Chicken (Happy Birthday Mom!)

My mom is a very healthy person.  Sometimes I say she is on a squirrel diet because she seems to subsist on only small snacks of walnuts and almonds without getting hungry.  She is also the only person I know who actually has all of her fruit and vegetable servings every day.  So you might be surprised to learn that my mom loves this recipe, since it is not exactly a lean meal.  But company chicken is one of my grandma’s signature dishes and she makes it for mom’s birthday every year.  Her other signature dishes include my favorite macaroni and cheese and the best cinnamon toast I have EVER had (could have something to do with the inch of sugar she piles on top).  This recipe is probably something that you should also only eat once a year or else your arteries might give out.  But my mom always eats it on her birthday and she is still healthy!  So everybody gets a free pass. 

My grandma usually cooks, so this was actually my first time making company chicken.  But since I can’t be with my mom today on her birthday, I decided to make it in her honor (don't feel too bad for mom though- she is on a beach in Maui right now).  The chicken was very yummy but of course not nearly as good as grandma’s.  I think in order to get the full effect  I would need to be eating it in her dining room with my whole family. 

makes 6 servings
12 pieces skinless chicken thighs and legs
1 pint sour cream
16 oz box cheez-its, crushed into coarse crumbs
¼ lb butter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Spread chicken pieces with sour cream and roll in cheese-it crumbs.  Melt butter in baking pan, roll chicken butter, and bake for approximately one hour.

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